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Translation vs. Interpretation

Translation and Interpretation are two closely related linguistic disciplines. Despite of being used interchangeably, translation and interpretation are not synonymous. Simply put, translation deals with written text, while interpreting is all about oral communication,

Translation is the art of transferring meaning from text to text. Translators work with documents, including websites, books, essays, manuals or any other form of information in written form. Translators work from their computers, have access to resources such as dictionaries, glossaries, the Internet and colleagues to accurately produce a document and usually specialize in a particular field. Interpretation is the art of paraphrasing. Interpreters listen to a concept from one language, and instantly choose the most appropriate vocabulary in the target language to accurately give its rendition in a linguistic, emotionally, tonally and culturally equivalent message. Both interpreters and translators do not simply substitute words from one language to the other; they understand the thought that is expressed in the source language, and, knowing the nuances of each culture, are able to give its rendition without omitting, adding or adulterating the message.

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